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 Subject : Shared Leave.. 01/06/2020 11:47:38 AM 
Alix Meyer
Posts: 7
Okay, guys I need help with this one.

I can't find anything in law/statute that limits how many times you can send a request out for shared leave. For example, an employee requested shared leave, the donated shared leave is applied and exhausted and the employee will now run into an unpaid status. The employee is still off work during the time-frame set by the doctor and the condition has not changed (i.e. same condition, same circumstances). What is your process going forward? Do you...
  • give the employee the responsibility of requesting shared leave again and begin processing unpaid leave?
  • take the initiative and talk with the employee to see if they want to request shared leave again?
  • believe the district's obligation has been fulfilled per the employee's initial/only request and begin processing unpaid leave, or re-figure their contract balance for the remaining pay periods?
  • have another process I haven't thought of?

Thank you!
 Subject : Re:Shared Leave.. 01/22/2020 07:43:34 AM 
Alix Meyer
Posts: 7
I'm also hoping to get clarification on shared leave & pregnancy/parental leave...
  • Can an employee who is out due to pregnancy/parental leave keep up to 40 hours if they do not apply for shared leave?
  • Can an employee who is out due to pregnancy/parental leave only keep 40 hours if they do apply for shared leave?
 Subject : Re:Shared Leave.. 01/28/2020 04:53:03 PM 
Cynthia McVeigh
Posts: 10
Location: San Juan Island School District
We're a small district and this has only happened once; on request of the employee who was out of leave again, I just sent another email out to all staff asking for leave donations. A larger district might find this burdensome. I don't know of any rules/laws limiting the number of times someone can ask for leave donations.
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