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Member Profile

IMPORTANT INFORMATION  Please become familiar with your Member Profile and features by clicking on the link to see a sample member profile:

Parent/Child ("Linked") Accounts Within WSPA

WSPA has the ability to assign a member "parent" so that any other members from a school district can be linked to that account.  This is very helpful when a person at your district handles most of the registrations for other members throughout the year. 

WSPA can assign only one parent account per district.  If you are the person who will handle the registrations and you want to be assigned as "parent", please email us at [email protected] and we would be happy to set up the parent account.

Registering for Events

All WSPA events allow you to register other WSPA members only if they are linked to your account  as described in #2 above.  

If you do not have linked members you can only register yourself for an event.  If you want to register someone from your district who is not a WSPA member you can do so by entering their email address when prompted at the beginning of the registration. 

Please note: If you login as yourself and click that you want to register yourself for an event and then insert another person's information over yours, it will change your member account to that person's name. 

The first question asked at the beginning of each registration form is "Will you be registering yourself for this workshop".  The only person who can answer "no" to this question and continue on is someone who has linked members.

Registration Receipts and Invoices

You have the option to pay online with a credit card at the time or registration or select the "invoice me" option and pay later by invoice. 

You will receive a confirmation upon registration however your receipt for payment and/or your invoice are emailed to you after registration.  They are not available to print at the time of registration.  The only way to retrieve that information prior to receiving an email is by logging into your member account as described in #1 above and viewing your transactions.  In the view transactions area of your member profile you can view and print all of your receipts and invoices. 


Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns. We are here to help! 
Jennifer Tottenham, WSPA Program Coordinator
[email protected]